Comprehensive Go-digital and mobility solutions for physician associations, institutions and lifescience organizations. Powered by innovative interactivity solutions to network, educate, collaborate.

Reach solutions through search engine optimization, multi channel marketing and social media marketing.

Plug-n-play, end-to-end digital solutions for event management. Customised to healthcare event requirements.

Web based content management solution with 360o quality control mechanisms. Content authoring and editorial support for publications and medical communications.

Best-in-Class, interactive learning management systems (LMS) with paced learning and real time performance tracking.


Innovation Lab

World’s only educational platform dedicated to deliver high quality continuing medical education from leading institutions around the globe and across specialties. Mission to keep the healthcare professionals abreast of advances in medical care thereby enhancing patient health outcomes.


Brain Strom

TreatTalk™ is a nonprofit dedicated to brainstorming ideas, usually in the form of short, impactful, outcome based talks (15 minutes or less). TreatTalk is a dedicated online and live platform to spread the healthcare information about latest advancements, global issues, challenges and solutions, practice boosters, personality development etc. Hop on the bus to take this trip into the future of medicine, along with some leading names in the healthcare universe. professionals

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Enhance healthcare delivery through better education of health care professionals

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Build innovative channels to connect, collaborate and continuously educate healthcare professionals across the globe


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